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Espresso Outfitters Custom Espresso Carts, Food Service Carts, Kiosks

Quality Espresso Carts.

EST. 1993
Leading the way!
Since the early days of the specialty coffee and mobile food service industry.
Serving nationwide.

Tel: (360) 949-3662
eFax: (951) 266-2326

7907 NE Hwy 99
Vancouver, Washington 98665

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 Free resource section:

Starting an Espresso Cart
A nice introductory guide to start your own espresso cart, a must read for those new to the industry.

The Health Department and You
A starting point as to why the health department regulations are there and the reason we cater to them as well as you. This is far from comprehensive, but at least gives peope an idea why setting up an espresso cart to food service concession requires certain things to be in place to safely create and serve food and drink products to the public.

Making your coffee or otherwise operation a success.
If you are wanting to start up or fine tune or expand your current operation this is a good read. Over 25 years in the industry and owner of Espresso Outfitters, Brian Millar gives his view of it all and powerful insight into what it really takes to set up a sucessful operation, espresso, food service or otherwise for that matter applied towards.

Quick reference Espresso Outfitters web site.
This is the mobile friendly, scaled down version of the Espresso Outfitters web site meant for quick reference to share mainly with cell phone users or people that only want a quick look into what the company is about.


We also have an up and coming new version for our web presence using a more modern, fully mobile friendly platform.   We will be populating this with even more content and photo's along with features then what we have at our main web site.

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