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This is an extension of the concept carts section, sharing not only what's under the surface of our cart lines, also what can be done upon the platforms currently being produced.  This is being developed in real time to show to the public along options and features with some cutting edge features that can be incorporated, also to show what is under the surface of our cart lines.  This project begins with a 6 foot round base cart along with a companion 3 foot cart which will serve several functions, from storage, serving and additional operators work space along with can serve as a catering service cart should the owner opt to use it that way.

This compliment is being built for resale to the general public, made available without the usual wait/construction time frame.  Features will be detailed as they are developed and creative liberty will be incorporated as it's being constructed. Sharing also some of the plumbing compliment that goes into many of our espresso cart lines, in this case to include as well a new sink brand that has a convenient added feature to include a removable drain rack.

Espresso Cart
                      Under Construction
Click on image for larger view.

Taking a spin off of the Silver Standard Espresso Cart, the body will be surfaced in aluminum sheet metal and it's being polished to a chrome finish as shown in the rendering to the right. 

This cart, just as with the Silver Standard and of course the trim shown on some of the other lines retains the same robust structure underneath the surface, only it's done in real aluminum rather then laminate, a great option for the clean retro look.

Aluminum sheeting applied to 6 foot
                              round espresso cart mudbay-espresso-cart-3
mudbay-espresso-cart  Progress upon aluminum espresso cart
                              and side cart progress
Beverage-Air UCR 27 installed into
                                espresso cart
Included with this is a Beverage-Air UCR 27 commercial refrigerator.  This is the top end of the entire pack upon refrigeration manufacturers.  This is a gently used model and it "only" has 10-15 years left before it requires any major service.

We do not normally deal with used equipment, in this case it makes a nice added touch and convenience. This pedigree of equipment is worthy of time to support regardless, it's simply quality that has proven itself through the years, just as Espresso Outfitters has!

Research and Development best discretion upon the production of using aluminum sheet metal is to leave it at it's default factory finish.  This still gives the client the option for the polished, coating it to prevent fingerprints will become something to add to the maintenance to address every few years, in the same context as aluminum finished automotive wheels. The effect is a nice brushed finish, and shown in these photo's with all, the artistic, modern effect adds aesthetic appeal.

The under counter adds an additional 3/4" onto the over counters, most people only see the top layers and consider it all there is. Structure is everything!
This platform will last for decades.

Showing it in raw form prior to surfacing, rubber bumper and the rest of the extra's helps people to see there is real material, substance in place. This marine grade ply can withstand even the harshest outdoor elements upon it's own, that much more in this application.



Sharing some of the specifications this cart is designed for, for the business side of things.

When a client orders a cart or major building project from Espresso Outfitters, there are always detailed diagrams and supporting documents to go along with, they can use for submission to the health department along with coordinating with additional staff members for operations, relocations and installations.  This is just a light weight sample of what we include to give people an idea as to what is required and the additional support that comes default with them.

The construction materials, all top end and unyielding towards quality, the procedures and techniques applying them, unprecedented, pride in all phases from the order, to the build to shipping and additional support, always the best in this industry, and in many ways, most could take note as to following our example.

  What is not discussed and advertised is that there is always more upon the quality, the features, the details that if fully discussed, would turn the web site and simply showing into a technical manual. 

This is quality upon meticulous levels!
Check back later for future updates.
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