Espresso Outfitters
We cater to the food service and beverage industry nationwide.
Tel: (360) 949-3662
12004 NE 4th Plain Road, Suite D #235
Vancouver, Washington 98682
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Credit Card Processing

we accept credit cards and paypalwe accept credit cards and paypalwe accept credit cards and paypal
we accept credit cards and paypalwe accept credit cards and paypal

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The resource section to this web site comprises of our own free resource links we have individually generated as well as companies we work with and cool merchants that just give an honest deal that we've not even asked for a link back from, in most cases, we have done business with them directly ourselves regardless.

General business links:
Bargreen Ellingson
Bargreen Ellingson has remained a family owned and operated business for well over 50 years and three generations while growing into one of the largest multiservice restaurant and foodservice supply, design, and fabrication companies in the United States.
USA Roofing and Garage Door LLC
A great roofing and garage door company serving in the Vancouver Washington area.
Yahoo is one of the best search engines out there, if you are looking for relavent information and web sites, this is the search engine to use.
The biggest search engine on the web and also very good to use.

 Free resource section:

Starting an Espresso Cart
A nice introductory guide to start your own espresso cart, a must read for those new to the industry.
If you are needing help with your business plan, this is a good place to start, they even have a free sample plan for opening up an espresso kiosk.

The Health Department and You
This is our own personal write up that explains what support your health department has on hand, free of charge at your disposal ready for your espresso cart operation, no need to pay for something that's given away.

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