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*2021 - All pricing is subject to current material market trends to be quoted and adusted per order. Package discounts to include all of the equipment will help offset the final price.

Espresso and Food Service Cart pricing shown to give our clients an idea as to what we charge in this venue upon stock shown but not limited to:
Click on photo's for a larger view.
Name and description: Construction Time:  Price: *Deposit
Mini Standard Espresso Cart
Mini Standard Espresso Cart 4 foot 50 days $4,300
standard espresso cart
Standard Espresso Cart 6 foot (Hardwood trim and 50 amp electrical sub panel) 60 days $6,300
silver standard espresso cart
SilverStandard Espresso Cart 4 foot with Upper. 65 days $5,900
neon espresso cart
Neon Espresso Cart 4 foot 70 days $6,900
8 foot food service and smoothie espresso cart display style
Display, Food Service, Espresso and Smoothie Cart 8 foot 55 days $6,700
4 foot mspec espresso cart
Mspec Espresso Cart 4 foot 50 days $4,900
6 foot mspec espresso cart
Mspec, Food Service, Espresso and Smoothie Cart 6 foot 60 days $5,900
8 foot mspec food service, smoothie espresso cart
Mspec, Food Service, Espresso and Smoothie Cart 8 foot 60 days $7,500
classic 4 foot espresso cart
Classic Espresso Cart 4 foot 30 days $3,700
6 foot classic espresso cart
Classic Espresso Cart 6 foot 45 days $4,600
6 foot base espresso cart
Base 6 foot Round Espresso Cart 30 days $3,850
base 6 foot square espresso cart
Base 6 foot' Square Espresso Cart 30 days $3,200
base square espresso cart 6 foot with extensions
Base 6 foot Square Espresso Cart (with 2-18" fold down extensions) 33 days $3,700
3 compartment sink cart
Base Slide out 3 compartment Sink Cart 3 foot 30 days $2,500
hand sink cart
Base Slide out Hand Sink Cart 3 foot 30 days $2,200
espresso side cart-
Base Side Cart 3 foot 21 days $1,000
mini standard side cart
Side Cart 4 foot Mini Standard Design 30 days $1,450
Side Cart 4 foot Mspec Design 35 days $1,850
mini kiosk base design
Starter Mobile Kiosk
Base 6 foot Espresso Cart with 3 foot side cart, trim is included.
60 days $Call
Options Upper cabinets, extra trim, custom plumbing configurations and general revisions. Contact us 100%
Custom and Revisions All carts including awning systems Contact us 100%
Espresso Machines Current pricing is shown at 100%
Sinks Current pricing is shown at 100%
Grinders Current pricing is shown at 100%
Refrigeration Current pricing is shown at 100%
Self contained plumbing kits Contact us
50 amp, 220v and 120v electrical sub panel Details shown here: $450 100%

All of our espresso and food service carts come with the full plumbing compliment as shown at the web site including plexiglass sneeze guards. There are no additional charges for these features.  Color's can be adjusted to reflect your needs, staying within the Pionite and Formica brand standard laminates, there are no additional charges. We custom build to order, if you desire something unique, we can accomodate on any level, any scale and sophistication.  Check out our concept carts page for more ideas here:

We do not use MDF, partical board, light gauge steel nor the same with stainless with any of our lines construction wise since they cannot withstand the weight and strength requirements necessary for use in this venue.  We do have metal surfacing as an option but it's not structural since our core construction more then covers that area by default.  Our base frames utilize treated heavy gauge 1/8"+ 1"x2" steel tubing with many of our lines along with upper cabinet supports and awning systems and our core construction is a combination of marine and shop grade high density plywood, sealed in industrial surfacing that repels moisture and maximizes it's life span for many decades beyond the manufactures specifications.  We utilize an even more intensive system for the curved structures that are stronger then anything manufactured in our field and elsewhere, so they are not only pleasing along the looks, their strength is unprecedented.

Out side of some of our concept carts shown on the concept cart page, we are displaying actual, physically built product lines, not merely computer generated images. Use discernment and keep this in mind when you are shopping around and comparing to ours, there is a reason they have to resort to using only computer generated rather then real products to show entirely because they have nothing they have built to show in the first place......

*Terms: The deposit received will initiate the beginning time frame for construction, the balance is due in full upon completion prior to delivery or pick up within 7 days. We ship nationwide freight collect or pre-paid, we make no mark up in this area and crate in house. Shipping on our carts are done through commercial freight and the rates are the best in the industry.  Discounts extended for payment in full prior to construction.

We send formal downloadable invoices and contracts for your records. We also send email updates for the progress during construction.

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