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The Micro Standard Espresso Cart.
This espresso cart was designed for the home/office user and can double as a light weight catering cart or simply used for storage.   The nature and specifications of this cart have been well thought out and executed to the highest degree of integrity keeping size, weight and end cost into the largest consideration.  We have created this line for those that just don't need that much in commercial features out of their cart yet kept the curves and nature of construction to the same degree as the commercial line, just scaled down.

This cart is also easily expandable in case you wanted to add extra components and upgrades to increase it's function should you decide to use it for a more mainstream commercial application. It stands alone quite well regardless.

Body material: 3/4" Birch/Maple plywood surfaced with Wilsonart brand laminate, front radius composed of laminated mahogany bender board.

Base: Low profile castors are strategically mounted to the plywood base frame for added support.

Plumbing system:
Faucet and Custom stainless steel sink.
5 gallon fresh water tank, stainless (not shown).
7 gallon waste water tank.
Flojet Water Pump (not shown)
Quick disconnect fittings to fill/drain the tanks.

137 lbs. 

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