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Espresso Outfitters builds food service and espresso carts, kiosks and support units to the highest level of quality and value possible. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save without sacrificing personal service!

From opening up a catering or espresso cart to test and impress the waters to a major business portal and everything in between, we have you covered. Our goal is to insure your vision stays in tact and can accommodate even the most sophisticated of tastes while helping those on a budget maximize their spending dollar. We remain in the cutting edge of the espresso and food service cart industry design standards and have a reputation for leading the way throughout it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Espresso Outfitters!
A little about us:
We have custom fabricated a large volume of varied projects in the past, this experience is combined with a lot of imagination and a "can do" attitude about any project no matter how elaborate and extensive it is in complexity and scale.  20 years in the industry, you know we have seen it all, and experience cannot be merely purchased, it has to be earned.

This experience is drawn back to the heyday of when the espresso cart first hit the scene in Seattle, where we were formally residing at the time and continues to exceed all expectations to this day. 

 We also cater to those that want to do it themselves, offering support and equipment custom tailored to their application.  There is no reason to be completely on your own building your dream cafe, cart, drive thru or mobile concession, we have been there, done that, and are happy to share our expertise. What is shown at the site are mainly our cart lines, we are happy to accomadte additional support units, commercial cabinetry, customer and staff work stations, and keep things on time, on budget.  There is no need to be restricted to the local suppliers when you are able to have the same project, custom built to order, and shipped to your door, ready for ease of installation.

All in all, the food service industry, and what we cater to within it is still pretty much limitless, we strive to keep an open mind and are constantly testing and researching elements in order to push the boundaries in all areas of it forward.

food service and smoothie cart with built in display
Neon Espresso cart
8 foot food service, smoothie and espresso cart
Mspec Food Service and Espresso Cart

Stealth Concept Cart

Our designs are only limited by ones imagination.  Shown above is a concept cart which adds bold new angles to the layout.  We are constantly experiementing with new design configurations and creating them in 3d on the computer first, allows for flexibilty while keeping the process of innovation moving foward wtihout unecessary costs of creating a prototype to present the idea to the public.

View of downtown TacomaWe ship nation wide, our shipping and crating procedures assure everything to be at the same level of quality from our door to yours and our volume approach, along with long term business relationship with the carriers, extends deep discounts for our clients to keep everything most cost effective.

What's New!!!
*We have a new, larger, more convenient facility. Click HERE to check it out.

For the DIY crowd we are currently assembling a complete guide, tutorial and plans to build your own espresso cart. We are sharing our 20+ years manufacturing espresso and food service carts with the public. The package covers everything, from acquiring the proper materials, to assembly, cut lists, how to's along installing the hardware, to assembly of the cart in it's entirety. In addition it includes how to build the fully self contained plumbing system as well as how to assemble the electrical system. We can help supplement should you require individual components pre-fabbed in house for you and all clients that purchase this package but opt to have us assemble their cart for them will receive a credit in full from the purchase.

Our cart building guide will be available soon, please send us a note to or 360-949-3662 to opt in upon notification when it's ready.

No design concept is too out of reach within any realistic concept for us to produce and we always do so cost effectively, on time and with professional quality. What may be cost prohibitive, or not practical, or out right unattainable in other shops, are easily achieved in ours. The process of creating something never done before is warmly embraced and adding a new line to our company is always beneficial.

Shown here is a concept that was revised from an earlier, computer generated rendering. These were created for a prominent college for food serving and could easily be outfitted with the full plumbing compliment or simply used for serving and storage.

Click HERE for more information and photo's of this line. 

square base espresso cart front
Base Espresso cart

Our base espresso cart lines are a great platform for those on a budget yet still desire quality new construction without the liabilities of typically buying used. Straight forward simplicity of it also requries less construction time for those who are just in a pinch along time and need to move foward with a no nonsense, full sized, rock solid working platfrom.

All of our espresso, food service and sink carts are complete with the entire plumbing compliments so that they are completely self contained. Fill the fresh water tank, plug in the electrical, and you are ready for business.  Simplicity through portability while being able to move it easily to a lucrative catering gig or residing in a lobby or sidewalk allows for maximum versatility.

We have an amazing division showcasing added upon lines!

Specializing in raised garden beds, outdoor type of construction and more. Taking our experience in the building to business aspects, this is an exciting addition to what Espresso Outfitters has to offer. We have created a new web site to operate upon with this venture. The web site is and already has gained a nice following locally, it's now of course with the rest of our lines, offered nation wide.

For those that are looking for quality, Italian espresso beans and hands on training, we recommend Cafe Darte, their web site is

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